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Big ideas is the key in marketing, the idea must be inspiring and truthful, that the soul can touch and change people live for better and more, therefor we appreciate many talented your people of our new generation who has done remarkable achievement in making unique videos, activities and many other things. It is truly an honor to be able to share this in our very own director showcase as we feel part of universe movement of appreciating and inspiring people to make even better achievements.

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Sinarmas MSIG Life Agency Kickoff 2017 - Gala Luncheon -

Sinarmas MSIG Life has successfully executed their Agency Kickoff 2017, this Gala luncheon is dedicated to appreciate their outstanding employees who have been working very hard and earning achievements from their works. It also motivate agency team to do even better in 2017.Sinarmas MSIG Life entrust LIU MEDIA to support this event as organizer, from building the stage, running the event on the stage and organizing foyer interactive activities.This event was attended by high rank management officers of Sinarmas MSIG Life so that perfection in every detail is crucial. We did our best and executed this event with flying colors, praised by clients BOD.